The photographer you entrust with preserving those memories plays one of the most important roles in your wedding. As the years pass, what will remain of your wedding are your photographs, and you will eventually rely on them to remember the event and to share it with your children and grandchildren."


About Us

Life is full of happy co-incidences that bring together the best in each of us; it is no exception for us at Sun Photographics, a national award-winning team of photographers.

Most little boys play with toy cars and trucks, Jim played with cameras. First it was the medium format, then the 35mm, nowadays his toy box includes cutting-edge digital cameras that can deliver the sharpness of medium format yet have the lens flexiblity and speed of 35mm systems. In the hands of a skilled photographer, they can produce amazing pictures of fine details captured in the glimpse of an eye. Jim enjoys creating pictures that are unique, even if it requires him to stop traffic, lay flat on the ground (in the Church and reception venue, not in the middle of traffic! ;-), or whatever else he can think of.

Sara loves weddings! She loves to be part of such an emotional event. She especially loves capturing the excitement and sentiment during the bride’s preparation. Sara’s approach is to anticipate just the right moment so that she will document it forever. Sara is inspired to "see" the beauty and happiness of your Day.

We share a passion for art in our blend of documentary and fine art photography. Each wedding is a unique event in which they seek to tell a photographic story with a distinct sense of artistry.

Over the past decade, our repeated national award winnings have attracted additional talented photographers and videographers.  We have developed a system of selecting and combining the natural talent and expertise of each person to capture weddings in the unique Style that is representative of Sun Photographics; that in turn enable our top tier photographers, especially Jim, to focus on researching new ways of achieving consistency while striving for truely extaordinary images for your wedding nowadays, and hitting the proverbial ball out of the park! Between weddings, we are a researching and teaching organization that helps the artistic development of each of our members, so that we can bring forth better and better service to our couples.   We are proud to continue our long winning streak in multiple national competitions, and more importantly the constant positive feedbacks that we receive from our couples.  

Melissa Joined us in 2004.  It's her 7th year with us this year. When she just joint us, Sara used to joke about Melissa being the "mini-Jim," meaning she has an extraordinary appetite for technical details and willingness to go that extra mile to get the picture, just like Jim.  Melissa also has an uncanny ability for calming the bride during preparation.   Over the years, Melissa has been promoted to greater and greater significance in our studio because every couple she photographed raves about her.

Nicole has been with us for 5 years.  She is the stereotypical over-achieving child of the family.   Besides an MBA degree and a successful jet setting career from that, and photographing for our studio ("more for technical and cultural enrichment than for monetary rewards," so Jim muses, although we do pay our photographers quite well), she also frequently gets PlayBoy to fly her across the country for photo shoots.  Well, enough said. 

While most of our work takes place in Southern New England, we also travel for events nation-wide and internationally. As a studio, Sun Photographics is honored to be the Knot's Best Pick of Boston 2008 and 2009.

Picture on the left: Jim with his old Medium Format camera, more than 20 years ago.

Here's what recent clients have to say:

We just received the pictures and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! They are
absolutely beautiful... From the presentation of the photos when I
opened up the box, to the black leather books you put them in, and of
course the pictures themselves!! You have a bright future ahead of
you with Sun Photographics and if you would ever like to use us as a
reference please feel free. I would love to be able to work with you
both again in the future...maybe when we have kids!! You are very,
very talented and Guy and I feel lucky to have had your creative and
artistic eye capture our memories. With all the pictures it is going to
be hard to decide which ones we should choose.

With Gratitude,
Kim & Guy

I have, quite literally, risked my career by spending the past 2 hours looking at
all the pictures! They are absolutely amazing! I called my mother and we relived
the whole wonderful day through the pictures! Thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks SO much!

I just was looking online at Kim and Michael's wedding photos
and I can't stop looking at them. They are SO beautiful. I got teary!
You and your husband are so talented and were so easy to be with.
I know it's easy when you get a couple as wonderful and as in love as
Kim and Mike but the pictures are AMAZING! Thanks for giving my sister
and new brother such amazing memories from their happy day.:-)
The hard part will be picking out the ones I want to buy!

Kristen (Kim's sister)

All I can say is WOW!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I AM CRYING!!! You truly
captured everything and how much Bruce and I love each other. You both are
amazing. If there is ever anything I can do for you to please let me know.
This was the biggest day of your lives and to have these beautiful pictures
to look at mean so much. Thank you again.

Suzanne and Bruce

Thank you SO much for the beautiful pictures! We love
them. We can't get over how many wonderful shots you
captured and don't know how we are ever going to
decide!! They really take us back to the wedding day
and help us remember just how much fun we had. Thank
you, thank you!

Tanja and Robbie

We are still trying to decide on which pictures to get. They are
amazing! We love them all. You guys realy did
an outstanding job. All the difrrent types of pics. Love the black and
whites. We will get back to you asap. Hope all is well.

Sandy and Dan


You guys did a wonderful job….


Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of Scott and I. I was so amazed by them I cried. I don't think I could have been more pleased. You're both wonderful…


Ohh My God... Sara I love them.. I am all teary eyed now... They look so nice!!! …
Thank you so much! Susan


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